Oh to be 18 again…

Oh to be 18 again…

Sometimes I see these young faces and vibrant personalities on seniors who are so full of excitement for what’s ahead, and I think – “I want to be 18 again!” Though I only have 10 years on them, life was easier in some ways, at 18… so much happens after you graduate high school and become an adult! In all reality, I love my life and I love where I am in life… 18 had it’s challenges for me – they were just different challenges than I face today, naturally. I really wouldn’t want to go back and do it all again… but sometimes I think – if I knew what I know now when I was 18, what would I do differently? Or would I do it all exactly the same knowing where I would be at 28? I guess there is a reason we don’t know what the future holds, and a reason we can’t go back and do it over again… because life is meant to happen organically.

Anyway… moving on to some pretty pictures… These¬† portraits were taken of a gorgeous senior at Los Alamitos High School. This gorgeous student also happens to be my second cousin Makenna… We went out to Heritage Park in Cerritos for her senior portrait session and got some fantastic shots. Take a look:

I absolutely LOVE the way the sun back lit her in this spot –


Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-28 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-27

Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-23 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-24 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-22

It’s great to have a couple different looks when doing any portrait session. I always recommend a casual look and a more refined look. For Makenna’s second look we went to Seal Beach –

Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-30 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-32 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-33

Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-35 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-39 Los-Alamitos-Senior-Portraits-Brianna-Caster-Photography-40


For information on booking an Orange County senior portrait session, or any type of portrait session – please visit www.briannacaster.com

With love and hope,

Brianna Caster

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